StockX Says It Turned Away $100 Million in Fake Items in 2022

Would-be buyers whose orders are stopped by the discovery of a fake get refunds if no similar item is available. Weeding out replica sneakers from authentic originals is key to StockX’s business model. The company guarantees that the merchandise it ships is “100 percent authentic.” So if too many knockoffs were to get through and customers then complained on social media, StockX’s brand would suffer. The asking price for StockX’s sneaker inventory last week ranged from a $40 pair of tan Vans to $25,000 for the auto-lacing Nike Air MAG “Back To the Future” shoes. So far, fake sneakers have resold on StockX; the highest sale price was $32,275 for a size 11.
I haven’t bought any of the “UNC” 1, “Mocha” 1s, “Hyper Royal” 1s since then, even after. But even after that, I just didn’t feel comfortable because the fakes are getting too good. I still didn’t really trust StockX’s ability on those SKUs to manage that. At this point in time, both these apps are saying these are failing, so I tried to reach out to StockX, originally. I’m a bulk buyer and a lot of these pairs are coming back fake, and I need someone to reach out to me.” And I never really heard back from them. So I mean, that was kind of the resale thing of 2022 for resellers.
We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products. The opinions and information provided on this site are original editorial content of Sneaker News. We’ve all been there—eagerly waiting online for the newest Nike Alphafly, Vaporfly, or custom Adidas Ultraboost collection to drop, but the site freezes, and you can’t get your hands on the kicks you want. Zeng told CD that a 40-foot shipping container coming from Nanshan, China, would soon be arriving at the Port of Los Angeles. According to the manifest, the container was filled with 11,019 kilos of paper napkins. On the application, Zeng provided an address in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China and claimed he was the deputy general manager of an investment firm called Shenzhen Andreusen Investment Co.
So there were additional ones that those apps had passed later, that I think also turned out to be fake. But when Nike came to inspect them, I didn’t have them in hand. I mean, more than 50% of these turned out to be fake, according to these apps.
Kim hasn’t been totally dissuaded from using StockX—he says still buys from there and appreciates its role in making sneakers accessible—but does think there are fundamental flaws to the business. All this considered, I struggle to think of a single reason why I should ever buy original sneakers again. The fact is, when you buy something directly from the likes of Nike or adidas, most of your money is spent on imagined value and a feeling of prestige that only exists in your head.
His books on shoemaking are enjoyed by students, professors, design professionals, and sneaker enthusiasts alike. For sneakerheads and newcomers alike, the time of the drops can tend to be of high stress due to the demand and limited availability of the sneakers. Research the original asking price of the sneaker, there is no need to get oversold and if you think you just hit the jackpot, you’re silly. This shoe features a tear-away fabric on the uppers that reveals a lightning-esque pattern.
Upload your product images from mobile and get results. All items are authenticated by at least two expert authenticators. This doesn’t mean there aren’t any, but it is much less likely.
Replica sneakers tend to be made out of cheaper materials than their authentic counterparts, and because of this the scent is drastically different. If you’re buying off social media, check the credentials. Make sure their page is fully functioning, that they have likes and normal activity. If they have 1 picture with 2 likes and 17 followers, probably fake. But I think at heart, what StockX is doing is right, I just still think they try to hew a little bit toward maybe trying to encompass authenticity in the verified side.
The network first appeared on law enforcement’s radar in February 2012, when CBP officers in the New York area seized a container loaded with counterfeit sneakers coming in from China. CBP made 16 identical seizures over the next several years—with, of course, unknown numbers slipping into the country undetected. While it’s become mostly known for brand-name shoes and clothing, it features a wide range of products. I recommend trying to edit the post in looking for the well known real shoe and brand signed by that celebrity.”