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We also need to be able to spot trends and take precautions if a pattern is discerned, instead of treating each “incident” as a once-off. A reputation for accurate, balanced reporting is one of our biggest assets. The people who make the news are vulnerable to the impact of our stories. In extreme cases, their lives or their reputations could depend on our reporting. Reuters does not use gifts of value, in cash or in kind, to influence sources.
The New Humanitarian is part of H2H, a vibrant network of humanitarian entrepreneurs who day by day are engineering new solutions and services that enable the humanitarian sector to perform better. H2H means ‘Humanitarian to Humanitarian’, a term inspired by the ‘Business to Business’ concept in the private sector. TNH partners with media organisations around the world to expand the reach of our important coverage of humanitarian issues.
He was a minister for every minute of every Sturgeon government. It is understandable that Mr Yousaf may want to cut his predecessors loose now. But his opponents inside and outside the SNP can sense his current weakness and can see that Scotland’s once-dominant party has not looked more vulnerable at any time in the last 20 years. The tenure system was a great addition to higher education because it gave the faculty a safety net from being unjustly fired, however, disadvantages follow it and those need improvement. Not only tenured, but all faculty members should have the ability to fearlessly express their views.
Our reporting will always remain in the public interest, and will not be influenced by donors, advertisers, governments, multilateral organisations or any other special interests. We will report on aid priorities based on need, and will not be driven by any political, religious, security or corporate advocacy agenda. The drivers of humanitarian needs are changing, thanks to new threats like climate change, longer-lasting conflicts, and a geopolitical landscape that makes the resolution of crises at the international level more challenging. Firstly, editorials are suitable for any publication that likes to keep their readers informed about recent news and events. UConn Health’s news team works daily with the local, national, and international media to raise awareness of the health system’s faculty expertise and their academic, clinical, and research innovative news and breakthroughs. The news and editorial team works tirelessly to promote all of the great work happening and keep the UConn community up-to-date on the latest developments in patient care, research, and education.
This is not an entry level role, so ideally you’ll have some journalism or published news writing experience, and are looking to step up to a section editor role. What’s most important, though, is that you’re able to bring personality and reflection to your reporting, while also being clear and precise with the facts. If you need to question an editorial decision, your first step should be to contact the editorial team. If you are not satisfied with our response, your next point of contact is our Ombudsperson whose task is to record and, when required, investigate allegations of editorial maladministration. Our files will be freely open to their inspection, and confidentiality will be respected in all cases. Our Ombudsperson’s remit does not extend to areas normally covered in our correspondence columns—namely, issues of editorial content and editorial policy.
Overseas Development Institute The Overseas Development Institute is a leading independent think tank on international development and humanitarian issues. Aminata Kaloga worked for the Norwegian Refugee Council for eight years, most recently as the Regional Head of Finance for the Central and West Africa Region. Based in Senegal, Aminata has also worked in the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Aminata brings with her a holistic programmatic vision that feeds into her approach to partnership development and management. A high achiever, thriving on challenges and innovation, Aminata also has experience leading and working in complex teams, including in support of capacity building initiatives as a facilitator.
What would news article editorial or average income household in rural Oklahoma be able to do with even $7,500 in tax credits if tuition is over $10,000? Unless your kid is really good at basketball or some kind of prodigy, you’re probably staying at your public school. And, none of these bills calls for the same accountability for private schools that exist with public schools. Private schools could still choose to accept or reject whomever they wish, control enrollment, deny disabled kids, etc.