Here’s the Difference Between Content Marketing and Social Media

With so many consumers using social media every day, this presents a great opportunity for small businesses who want to reach their online audience. As a marketer, social networking websites—such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn—can help you increase brand awareness and reach new customers. Incorporating social media marketing as an integral part of your marketing strategy can pay off with huge dividends for your company.
After your awareness and consideration campaigns, chances are you or—in the age of machine learning—the social media platforms have a pretty good idea of who your ideal customers are, how they behave, and what they like. After you’ve reached and engaged with your audience at the top of the funnel awareness stage, some of them will be more receptive to learning more about our products and services at the next stage. Some might not be ready yet, but you want to ensure they know where to go when the time comes. That’s why you should never underestimate the long-term impact of brand advertising. This course traces the rise of social media over the last two decades.
As many as 79% of consumers expect a brand to respond within 24 hours—40% within the first hour. Sponsored YouTube videos can work if you’re able to successfully align the right influencer with the ethos of your fashion brand. As an example, YouTuber Zoella, with a following 10 million strong, partnered with ASOS to create multiple videos showcasing their clothing.
Step 4 – Nail your client’s branding and voice as you create each piece of content and populate the calendar. At this stage, it’s worth having a call or video conference to kick-off the project with the team members from both organisations so you can put faces to names. And let’s face it, prospective clients are going to check your social media accounts as well as your website. Your ‘About’ page is also the place to tell the story of how your agency started and the challenges you’ve overcome – people love reading stories. And then introduce Discover Koster Communications: Your Trusted Social Media Marketing Agency , including their relevant skills and a photo – people don’t want to work with a faceless organisation.
Track the metrics that are most important to your goals, such as reach, conversions, click-throughs, and engagement rates. Use social media analytics tools to track the performance of your content and campaigns and monitor their effectiveness. “We include influencers in our strategy as well, notifying them about monthly sales and products to advertise on their blogging channels,” says Nicky Miller, social media manager at Lion Brand Yarn. You don’t need to hire influencers with millions of followers to expand your brand reach.