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Anyone aggrieved allow on-line improvement examination for explicit subject. Take determination instantly, Relax the younger mass and oldsters. There ought to be no postpone in exams we are studying in school 10 from 1 years. It is the increasingly more than enough time to finish the deleted syllabus.

While exam scholar will solely think about getting affected by covid-19 and who’s answerable for it me Or who. So I request please cancel or postpone exams till everybody gets vaccinated. Throughout the 12 months the scholars have studied in online so I request to maintain the board exams in online. We are requesting to CBSE to cancel our board examination for sophistication 10 and 12. Because gap year we research online and finally CBSE announced that the exam have been offline.

Our school didn’t provide us s ience teacher for 8 months what to do earlier than 15 days one trainer got here however as a end result of improve in vivid 19 in Maharashtra colleges shut down. Dipanjan singha , Im respecting ur phrases and feeling. What the hell, is exam thought-about extra important than well being. Pranav Arora Boca Raton , kindly understand our downside and if the boards can’t be cancelled, then kindly postpone the schedule. And second factor, most of the college students are having downside in understanding science and maths and other topics too due to unavailability of network in some areas.

Starting the concept of online and television courses when more than seventy five to 80% college students didnt had internet access and what concerning the poor people who dont have TVs…great move completely great move….. Please 🙏🥺 cancel or postponed our exam because of rising the cases of corona we are not responsible for our once we give exam offline. We don’t have any correct teaching in these 2 months, we don’t even know the entire chapters in math. We ought to have be studied this all the topics at school with the proper teaching, but you guys telling to study these subjects in simply 2 months. Sir pls cancel the exams as my son has lost his father as a end result of COVID he isn’t in a position to focus will .

All of us are simply requesting to advertise the scholars without any examination however on internal bases and if not then we are still ready to offer the examination online. Due to the rise of covid bihar board has cancelled the exams and there’s a part time lockdown in mumbai. If the exams will get postponded then once we might be starting our class 11? And whether it is held on-line then many students from rural area cant give the exams. So some people who are saying for they have studied the whole yr they’ll additionally do good in twelfth boards, however no one i excited about these high rie in covid. tenth cbse should offline examination, we are prepared to put in writing offline board exams,please don’t conductonline exams for grade 10 students,because all our efforts of whole yr will go.

Even after this if cbse wish to conduct the exams go on.. Otherwise I would request all of the dad and mom to take decisions on their own and cease sending our youngsters out for exams risking their lives. Dear authority, Past 12 months me and my household suffered lots ..

So please don’t cancel but Conduct it as homeboard it’s going to decrease the chance of COVID19 as compared to going to other faculty and giving Examination . But please Sir don’t cancel or postpond it because many people have many private work at upcoming months and Academic Session could also start late which can immediately have an result on the scholars , lecturers , and guardians . So please sir make it homeboard this yr ………. The college students who’re ready nicely won’t ever give such excuse and parents and college students as an alternative of requesting cancellation of exam ought to concentrate on their health and immune system. Board exams ought to be carried out in normal manner solely final year when covid 😷 cases have been on peak college students appeared for NEET and the examination was conducted successful.

The board exams should both be cancelled of taken on-line. Further postponement is useless as the long run in unpredictable and it’ll add unnecessary stress on students. For most students, these online lessons weren’t good enough; there have been steady technical errors and heaps of youngsters couldn’t afford the resources required. Im sure we are ready to all agree that studying in a real classroom is rather more efficient and efficient. We didn’t have the resources to organize ourselves for this exam, this whole 12 months, yet you anticipate us to provide our examinations offline.

Are the examinations extra necessary than a child’s life. Answer me when you could hear the cries of the students and if you really need the younger residents of the nation to create a brighter future. I request to cancel the CBSE, ICSE , state board class tenth and 12th examinations . Please an examination is not at all essential than a child’s life 🙏. For the scholars who’re confident and saying that CBSE ought to continue with the examination, properly u r confident so congrats. But there are numerous other college students who couldn’t understand a single suppose in the online courses.